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AD FUTURA – Doctoral Scholarships in Slovenia

The Slovenian
Foundation AD FUTURA offers scholarships to foreign citizens pursuing
doctoral studies at Slovene educational institutions for the academic
year of 2005-2006.(Extension possible after completion of the first
year) Closing date for applications is 28 October 2005. The
scholarship covers tuition fees and partially the living expenses.
Priority is given to applicants pursuing doctoral studies in natural
sciences and technology. In order to be eligible, the applicants need
to prove that they have been accepted or have enrolled for regular,
publicly valid (accredited) doctoral studies in the academic year
2005/2006 at a publicly valid (accredited) Slovene educational
institution, and that they will spend their whole research stay in
Slovenia. The application can only be submitted either in person or by

further information:

AD FUTURA phone: +386 (0)1 4341080, fax: +386 (0)1 4341092 email:,