Inscriere cercetatori

Vacancy at the Collaborative Research Centre ‘Medienumbr|che’ (‘media changes’) at Siegen University

The Collaborative Research Centre
‘Medienumbr|che’ at the University of Siegen offers a part-time
position as research assistant in the field of press and PR work. The
position is restricted to four years and offers the possibility for a
PhD qualification.

Applicants should speak and write excellent German and submit their
applications in German language latest until the end of August 2005 to
the following address:

Universitdt Siegen Prof. Dr. Ralf Schnell SFB/FK 615 ‘Medienumbr|che’
57068 Siegen Germany

Further information can be obtained from:

Prof. Dr. Ralf Schnell Phone: 0049-271/740-4932 email:

Dr. Susanne P|tz Phone: 0049-271/740-4931 email: