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Premiile Stiintifice NRW pentru studenti si masteranzi pe 2005

Applicants should be co-authors of outstanding publications in high ranking scientific journals or proceedings of international conferences. The date of acceptance of the paper should be in 2004 or 2005.

Applications for the award can be submitted by the students or faculty advisors to the respective NRW Graduate School from which the award may be obtained. The following materials must be submitted:

a copy of the paper or accepted manuscript

the student’s curriculum vitae

a letter from the research advisor or department dean, stating that the applicant for this award had not finished his/her master or diploma degree by the time the paper was submitted

copy of the letter of acceptance must be also submitted, if the paper has not been published yet

finally, the application form (see Download PDF) should be filled out and submitted
Submission deadline is 30. November 2005.

The seven awardees (one for each participating graduate school) will be invited to receive the prize during an honorary reception at the North-Rhine Westphalian state capital of Düsseldorf.

Last year’s winners:

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