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Burse Postdoctorale la Santa Fe Institute pentru 2006

Santa Fe Institute’s (SFI) research is devoted to complex phenomena drawing input from a wide variety of fields, including biology (e.g. genomics, evolution, ecology, immunology, biochemistry and cellular organization, systems and bioinformatics, structure of non-human social groups), computer science (computational complexity, adaptive and resilient computation, novel forms of computation, simulation), physics and mathematics (nonlinear systems, statistical physics, biophysics), and the sciences of human behavior (cognition, neuropsychological development, cultural evolution, economics, market structure and function, evolution of human language). Applications are also welcome from disciplines other than those listed here. Further details about SFI’s current research can be found on the research area of our web site.

SFI research is integrative, and there are no formal programs or departments. Postdoctoral Fellows have the opportunity to work either on existing research projects or projects of their own initiation. Research at the Institute focuses primarily on mathematical and computational approaches, although applicants whose research will include an experimental or data-collection component in collaboration with off-site colleagues are also encouraged to apply. Postdoctoral Fellows are appointed for two-year terms on a full-time basis, with the possibility of a one-year extension contingent on funding and performance.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. (or expect to receive one before September 2006), with an academic record of scientific excellence, an ability for independent research, and a strong interest in interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration.

More details and application instructions at