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Postodoc- in surse alternative de energie: celule de combustie, stocare de hidrogen

Postdoc research positions (3-4) for 2006-august 2007:
3Nano-SAE, Res Center, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics
1. Fuel Cells- Membranes -nanocomposites based on solid acids, superacids, other protonexchange membranes with stability up to 300C
2. Fuel Cells- catalysts- systems Pt, Ru and other alternative for low cost
3. Biofuel (microbial, enzyme)cells, biohydrogen ( microorganisms as source for hydrogen generation);
biofuel cells- understandig the electron mechanism transport for microorganisms and enzymes related to nanotubes, developing of gastrobots for CNBR agents, explosives and drugs detection
4. Hydrogen storage- highly defective mwnt, nanohydrides- synthesis by plasma chemistry

All candidates need to be doctors in interdisciplinary fields (physics, chemistry, biology, materials science)with maximum 35 years old
-Net-300Euro/month, student house, access to infrastructures and analysis
-Any NATO-RIG, and other reintegration grants are welcome and considered as extra
-Minimum period for 6 month,maximum 2 years with extension
– Send CV to
prof Ioan Stamatin
3Nano-SAE Res. Center, Faculty of Physics
University of Bucharest
Bucharest-Magurele MG-38
ph/fax ++40-21- 4574838