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The Returning Scholars Fellowship Program

The Returning Scholars Fellowship Program (RSFP) invites applications from
talented scholars who seek university positions and academic careers in their home
countries after studying abroad. The program is open to citizens of Albania,
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan,
Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Tajikistan
and Ukraine. RSFP welcomes scholars from these countries who graduated (or will
graduate by September, 2006) from a Western-accredited university, where they
received a postgraduate degree in anthropology, area/cultural studies, gender
studies, economics, history, political science, international relations,
psychology, public administration, philosophy, social work, sociology, human rights
& public law, and journalism/media studies. RSFP helps universities in the region
retain promising young scholars, who are essential to the revitalization of
departments and to the sustainability of higher education reforms. The program
represents a conscious strategy to combat „brain drain” by offering financial,
institutional and professional development support, as well as further
opportunities as AFP alumni. Fellowships include a monthly stipend and various
allowances, including professional development funds, in addition to the
opportunity to participate in departmental and professional development projects.
Applications deadline: February 15, 2006. For applications and guidelines, please
see our web site: ; e-mail: .