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2-nd Conference on Advanced Spectroscopies on Biomedical and Nanostructured Systems, September 3-6, 2006, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

The Conference is organized by the Faculty of Physics and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Experimental Research of the Babeş-Bolyai University in collaboration with the National Institute of Research and development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies and the Romanian Physical Society.

Following the lines of the first conference organized in September 2004 in Cluj-Napoca, this second edition will bring together physicists, chemists and biologists as well as other scientists who are using spectroscopic techniques and/or theoretical methods to study the interaction, structure and dynamics in biomedical and nanostructured systems. A prestigious list of invited speakers will be assembled, but there is also room in the program for contributed talks and posters.
For more details, please see the conference webpage: