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Hydrogenation Reactions of The Styrene-Butadiene Random Copolymers

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Autori: Dragomirescu I. Alexandru, Balliu Sotir, Crisan Livia

Editorial: International Seminar of Polymer Science and Technology, Shiraz, Iran, 1994.


Diene-styrene block and random copolymers with 65000-100000 molecular weight and the micro structure of polybutadiene 1,2 predominately were hydrogenated in presence of the soluble Ziegler catalysts. The hydrogenation reactions were carried out in autoclave at 80oC temperature and 6 atm pressure for 2-4 hours, conditions that will substantially saturate about 80-95% of the olefin double bonds. Cobalt octoate catalyst, prepared from n-octanoic acid after a method described in this paper was the most active.

Cuvinte cheie: diene-styrene block, random copolymers, hydrogenation, micro structure, soluble catalysts