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On-line Monitoring of the Catalytic Hydrolysis of Methyl Chloride Based on Electrical Measurements

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Autori: Dragomirescu A., Puskas J.E., Primak S.

Editorial: 223rd ACS Spring National Meeting, Orlando, FL, and Polymer Preprints, 42, p.183, 2002.


A pilot unit was designated for the online testing of the catalytic hydrolisis of Me chloride based on elec. measurements. The unit was equipped with an online elec.measurement system as well as an online gas chromatograph to understand what exactly was occuring in the packed bed of the alumina catalyst. Exptl. results showed that significant and consistent differences between fresh and deactivated catalysts can be identified by empirical observation. It was also demonstrated that real-time resistance measurements can provide practically important insights into the catalytic processes. The simplicity of the new method renders it to be a potentially sensitive online prediction method of relative catalyst activity.

Cuvinte cheie: cataliza, activitatea catalizatorului, masuratori electrice // catalysis, catalyst activity, electrical measurements