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Synthetic Non-Newtonian Fluids Based on Polymer Gels. I.- Research on Synthesis and Practical Applications of Crosslinked Polymers Used in Gel-Plug Technology

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Autori: Dragomirescu Ion Alexandru, Crisan Livia, Florea Florian

Editorial: Slavyantribo-4 Symposium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1997.


The fluid is a composition of water and polymer which may be crosslinked with an agent. When the polymer is polyvinylalcohol the crosslinker is sodium tetraborate and for the polyacrylamide is glyoxal. It may be necessary to adjust the pH of the solution using a water solution of sodium hydroxide. Fluid properties may be adjusted within limits by appropriate concentration and type of these constituents. The gel concentration can be varied to suit specific applications. These gelled-fluids were synthesized for use in pipe-line operations. They will perform most of the functions of conventional pigs and have additional chemical capabilities. The complex rheology of the gels give them many flow characteristics useful in treating pipe-lines.

Cuvinte cheie: Polymer gels, non-newtonian fluids, plug-gel technology