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Contributions to synthesis of additives designed to improve oil product flow

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Tezã de doctorat (nepublicatã)

Autori: Alex Dragomirescu

Editorial: University Oil-Gas, Ploiesti, Romania, Applied Organic Chemistry, 1999.


The doctoral thesis goal is to synthesize new additives to be used as superior flow improvers for the oil products. The selection of the research field has followed to a thorough study of the scientific literature concerning flow improvers and their action on paraffin crystal growth at low temperatures. The chosen field is that of diene-styrene polymers based additives, which are currently less known and used. I have approached the additive preparation in an original way throughout the various steps, starting with the hydrogenation of the basic copolymer and ending with a new design for the optimal additivation system.
Based on these results, I have selected 5 butadiene-styrene copolymers and I have studied their performances as flow improvers for crude oil, gas oil and lubes. The performances have been judged upon three indexes: (1) filterability temperature regression (that is, the difference between the filterability temperature using my own additive versus a commercial one); (2) pour point temperature depression and (3) and filterability temperature depression (that is, the difference between the pour point/filterability of the gas oil as such and the same characteristic for the treated one).
The subject is wholly meaningful nowadays since there are increasingly severe requirements upon motor fuels and lubes. These requirements have a strong impact not only on the processing technologies but also on the additives for the commercial formula of the oil products.
The research within the thesis aims mainly at the flow improvers for the gas oils and it is worthwhile since the Diesel fuels rank very high in the hierarchy of additive consumers, second only to lubes.
The thesis required an extensive experimental program, the design of the equipment and a modern analytical technique. A new and original achievement are the two empirical models – a linear and a non-linear ones – that can be used for predicting the filterability temperatures, as functions of several chemical properties of the gas oil.
The thesis is strongly applicative in oil processing, petrochemistry and organic synthesis fields, with an important contribution in its research area.

Cuvinte cheie: homogeneous hydrogenation, diene-styrene copolymers, soluble catalysts synthesis, petroleum products additives