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Pour Point Depressants for Improving The Filtration Capacity and The Limit Temperature of Diesel Fuels

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Autori: Crisan L., Balliu S., Dragomirescu I.A., Marginean N., Pestea C., Frasineanu G., Cristea R.

Editorial: Patent No. RO 111108 B3, 1996.


The additives are based on copolymers of vinyl acetate and mixed maleic acid or fumaric acid esters, comprising 64-66 wt.% copolymer, contg. 70 mol% vinyl acetate and 30 mol% C8, C16-18 alkyl diesters of maleic acid or fumaric acid, in 33-36 wt% toluene. The copolymer is prepd. by polym. of vinyl acetate with a diester of maleic acid contg. 65-70 mol% C16-18 ester and 30-35 mol% C8 ester or a diester of fumaric acid contg. 55 mol% C8 ester and 45 mol% C16-18 ester, in the presence of 0.1 wt.% benzoyl peroxide at 80-100oC for 10 h, giving a 64-66 wt.% soln. of the additive in toluene

Cuvinte cheie: vinyl acetate copolymers, depressants, cold filter plugging point, pour point, diesel oils