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A two loop optimal control of flexible drive train variable speed wind power systems

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Autori: I. Munteanu, A.I. Bratcu, N.A. Cutululis, E. Ceanga

Editorial: 16-th IFAC World Congress, Prague, 2005.


This paper presents a two loop optimal control structure for variable speed fixed pitch horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) having flexible drive trains. That structure, formed by a low frequency loop and a high frequency loop, is the result of the frequency separation principle adopted in the wind modelling. The optimality of the whole system is expressed by the trade-off between the energy conversion maximization and the control input minimization that determines the drive train’s mechanical stress minimization. This optimal problem is treated within a complete linear quadratic stochastic approach, whose effectiveness was proved by numerical simulation.

Cuvinte cheie: power generation, windmills, linearization, optimal control, linear quadratic regulators, performance indices