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Analytical Synthesis of Intake Cam in Order to Obtain Miller Cycle Technology

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Autori: CLENCI A., HARA V.

Editorial: Proceedings of the International MVM Conference, Krgaujevac, Serbia, 2002.


Of the higher expansion cycles, Miller cycle is obtained by late closing of the intake valve(s). The result is the artificial decrease of the compression ratio relatively to expansion ratio, which remains the same, in this way compression and expansion being no longer dependent on each other.
The paper presents the concept of more-, over- or higher expansion cycle at spark ignition engine, called Miller cycle and it also intends to show what has to be done on a given engine in order to run in concordance with this cycle.
After a short presentation of Miller cycle features, the authors will focuse their attention on the analytical synthesis of intake cam in order to obtain the described Miller cycle.

Cuvinte cheie: spark ignition engine, over-expansion, Miller cycle, intake cam synthesis