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Trajectory Simulation and Material Removal Rate for Double Side Grinding of Advanced Ceramics with Diamond Wheels

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Autori: I.D. Marinescu, C. Spanu, M. Hitchiner

Editorial: Thirty-fourth North American Manufacturing Research Conference, May 24 - 26, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 4-B: Grinding and Drilling Research, p.5, 2006.


A computerized kinematical model for
double sided fine grinding accounting for piece rotation inside the workpiece carrier was developed. Simulated trajectories for random points located on the end faces of the workpiece, both in a fixed global coordinate system and in each wheel’s rotating coordinate system, were predicted.
Experiments using different grinding
kinematics and coolant conditions were
carried out. A strong correlation was found between the predicted length of trajectory and the experimental material removal rate.
Conclusions on the optimization of the double sided fine grinding process were deduced.

Cuvinte cheie: Rectificare, materiale ceramice, diamant. // Grinding, ceramics, diamond.