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Method for solid solid oxide cell anode preparation

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Autori: Gorte, R. J.; Vohs, J. M.; Radu Craciun

Editorial: US Patent, 6,844,099, 2005.


A method for preparation of an anode for a solid oxide fuel cellin which a plurality of zircon fibers are mixed with a yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) powder, forming a fiber/powder mixture. The fiber/powder mixture is formed into a porus YSZ layer and calcined. The calcined porous YSZ layer is then impregnated with a metal-containing salt solution. Preferred metals are Cu and Ni. An anode and a method for manufacturing a fuel cell containing such anode is also disclosed. Such anode is particularly peformant when the fuel cell is fed with dry hydrocarbons, in absence or low content of steam.

Cuvinte cheie: solid oxide cell anodes, Cu, Ni anodes, YSZ