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premii Ad Astra

Asociația Ad Astra a anunțat câștigătorii Premiilor Ad Astra 2022: Proiectul și-a propus identificarea și popularizarea modelelor de succes, a rezultatelor excepționale ale cercetătorilor români din țară și din afara ei.

Asociatia Ad Astra a cercetatorilor romani lanseaza BAZA DE DATE A CERCETATORILOR ROMANI DIN DIASPORA. Scopul acestei baze de date este aceea de a stimula colaborarea dintre cercetatorii romani de peste hotare dar si cu cercetatorii din Romania. Cercetatorii care doresc sa fie nominalizati in aceasta baza de date sunt rugati sa trimita un email la

Nine PhD studentships and two postdoctoral positions in Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry

EU Research Training Network on Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry
An Interdisciplinary Training Programme in Inorganic, Organic and
Biological Chemistry
Nine PhD studentships and two postdoctoral positions are available for three years and
18 months, respectively. Positions will start in the period of 1 September 2006 – 1
January 2007 and will be held in the following research groups:
1. University of Cambridge (UK): Sijbren Otto (coordinator) and Jeremy K. M. Sanders.
2. University of Twente (Netherlands): Mercedes Crego Calama
3. University of Manchester (UK): Sabine Flitsch and Nick Turner
4. European Institute of Chemistry and Biology (Bordeaux, France): Ivan Huc
5. Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (Germany): Stefan Kubik
6. University of Geneva (Switzerland): Jerome Lacour
7. Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel (Germany): Ulrich Lüning
8. Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (Sweden): Olof Ramström
9. EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland): Kay Severin
Projects will involve dynamic combinatorial chemistry and will include inorganic,
(physical) organic and biological chemistry focussing on the areas of molecular
recognition in solution and in biomembranes, enzyme catalysis, coordination chemistry,
synthetic foldamers, enzyme-free DNA replication, supramolecular chemistry,
stereoselective recognition and catalysis.
Applicants for the PhD studentships should have or expect to obtain a first class degree or
diploma (Bachelors, Masters or equivalent) in an appropriate scientific discipline.
Applicants for the postdoctoral positions should have or expect to obtain a PhD in an
appropriate scientific discipline.
Nationals of the EU and of associated countries, with less than 4 (PhD studentships) or 10
(postdoctoral positions) years research experience are eligible to apply. Female
candidates and candidates from the new EU member states are specifically encouraged to
Further details of the programme and the application procedure are available on . For further information and informal enquiries contact Ms. Liz Alan
( or the principal investigator(s), whose laboratory you would like to
join. The deadline for applications is 26 July 2006.