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Soft computing models in the fault diagnosis of conductive flow systems

Domenii publicaţii > Ştiinţe informatice + Tipuri publicaţii > Capitol de carte

Autori: Viorel Ariton

Editorial: Palade, Vasile; Bocaniala, Cosmin Danut; Jain, Lakhmi C. (Eds.), Springer London, Computational Intelligence in Fault Diagnosis - Series: Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing, 2006, XVIII, 362 p., 154 illus., Hardcover, p.chapter 8, 2006.


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The chapter focuses on the fault diagnosis of artefacts often met in industry (and not only), that
executes mainly functions involving conductive flows of matter and energy, i.e. multifunctional
conductive flow systems” (MCFSs). The proposed MCFS abstraction is close to human
diagnosticians’ way of conceiving entities and relations on physical, functional and behavioural
structures. Diagnosis reasoning is intrinsically abductive reasoning. This chapter presents the
abduction by plausibility and relevance, in a connectionist approach. The case study on a hydraulic
installation of a rolling mill plant gives examples on the knowledge elicitation process and on the
diagnostic expert system building and running.

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Cuvinte cheie: inteligenta computationala, diagnoza defectelor // computational intelligence, fault diagnosis