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Simulations of Heat and Oxygen Diffusion in UO2 Nuclear Fuel Rods

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Autori: J. C. Ramirez, M. Stan, P. Cristea

Editorial: Journal of Nuclear Materials, 359, p.174, 2006.


We present finite-element simulations of coupled heat and oxygen atom diffusion for UO2 fuel pellets. The expressions for thermal conductivity, specific heat and oxygen diffusivity for the fuel element are obtained directly from previously published correlations, or from analysis of previously published data. We examine the temperature and non-stoichiometry distributions for a varying range of conditions. Simulations are performed for steady-state and transient regime in one-dimensional (purely radial) configurations. For steady-state conditions we perform parametric studies that determine the maximum temperature in the fuel rod as a function of non-stoichiometry and heat generation rate intensity. For transient simulations, we examine the time lag in the response of the temperature and non-stoichiometry distributions with respect to sudden changes in heat generation rate intensity and oxygen removal rate. All simulations are performed with the commercial code COMSOL Multiphysics.

Cuvinte cheie: fission reactors, fusion reactors, accelerator technologies, materials science