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Dezvoltare durabila – De la Lisabona la Leipzig prin Cercetare Stiintifica

In its Lisbon Agenda, the European Union has stated its objective to become the most competitive, knowledge-based society in the world by 2010. Central to this effort is scientific
knowledge necessary both to compete successfully in the global market place and to promote sustainable development.
The aim of this conference is to position sustainability research as an engine for European competitiveness within the Lisbon Agenda. It is a cooperative event between policy and scientific communities, which seeks to provide a forum to debate current research in this field, the interaction between policy, economic and research communities, as well as future research
priorities. The conference will represent a highlight in the German EU Presidency. The Chancellor of the
Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel, is invited as patron and the event will be hosted by Dr. Annette Schavan, the Federal Minister of Education and Research. The European
Commission will be represented by Dr. Janez Potočnik, Commissioner for Science and Research. The conference is expected to attract approx. 500 international participants, including:
a) Scientists and researchers from research organisations, universities and industry
b) Private and public funding institutions from Europe
c) Political decision makers from national and EU Parliaments
d) Decision makers from EU Commission and related agencies
e) Decision makers from national and regional ministries and administrations
f) SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and industry
g) Press and media
The conference programme will include an international scientific conference as well as dialogue sessions with industry representatives and policy makers. The conference will also provide an overview of innovations in research and showcase areas of European leadership in sustainable development.