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Autori: Emil Gheorghe, Luminiţa Barbu, Gheorghe Nechifor, Constantin Luca

Editorial: SYSCOM, Revista de Chimie, 57(9), p.940-944, 2006.


In this work, the Pb2+ cations transport through a chloroform liquid membrane with macro cycle benzo18-crown-6 as carrier was studied. Double jet liquid membrane system on chloroform, characterized by a large area of contact between the phases, was used.
The carrier macro cycle benzo18-crown-6 ensures Pb2+ cations transport as a result of the selective complexion.
The model transfer of Pb2+ cations within this liquid membrane type is a mechanism of active chemo-osmotic transference assisted by pH gradient from source phase to reception phase. The process of transport was optimized by using pyrophosphate anion as an agent for complexion of plumb during the reception phase.
The results of research are relevant for recuperative separation methods with impact in environmental domain, bearing in mind biological aspects and various process of analytic interest

Cuvinte cheie: transport prin membrane lichide, transport asistat, membranã lichidã dublu jet, transportori macrociclici // transfer through liquid membrane, assistant transference, liquid membrane with double jet, macrocycles carriers