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Calixarene transportori in membrane lichide I. Esteri ai calix[4]arenei

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Autori: B. Şerban, E. Ruse, E. Crãciun, I. Pasãre, G.Nechifor

Editorial: SYSCOM, Revista de Chimie, 51(3), p.190-198, 2000.


Much of the interest in the calixarenes derives from their promise as selective and useful complexation agents. This depends în part simply on the presence of cavities, but for the more sophisticated application of complexation and catalysis it is also necessary that appropriate functional groups be present.
This paper present the esterification of p – tertbutylcalix [4] arene and calix [4] arene with 10 – undecenoyl chloride în pyridine as solvent (Einhorn method). When an excess of acilating agent is used, generally all of the hidroxyl groups are converted into esters groups. All the compounds was purified and characterized by IR method and elementary analysis.
Also we tested the ability transport of the synthesized compounds. We employed an apparatus in which the source phase and receiving phase are dispersed through the liquid membrane containing the carrier.
On the basis of a comparison of the cation transport capacity of a parent calixarenes, the results reaffirm the ability of this type of compounds to interact effectively with metal cations.

Cuvinte cheie: transportori, transport prin membrane lichide, calix [4] arenã // carriers, liquid membrane transport, calix[4]arene derivatives