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Magnetism and phase structure of crystallized Sm-Fe-B melt spun ribbons

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Autori: Ovidiu Crisan, Le Breton JM, Nogues M, Machizaud F, Filoti G

Editorial: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 14 (47), p.12599-1260, 2002.


The crystallization of amorphous SmxFe80-xB20 melt spun ribbons is studied over an extended range of composition (0 < x < 8). Differential scanning calorimetry scans reveal different endo- and exothermic effects depending upon the composition. X-ray diffraction and Mossbauer studies for samples annealed at temperatures close to the onset of the first exothermic effect prove that, during the primary crystallization of the amorphous ribbons, both alpha-Fe and Fe3B phases appear-with Sm ions randomly accommodating the Fe sites in the tetragonal Fe3B lattice-while the subsequent exothermic reactions correspond to the decomposition of the metastable Fe3B phase into alpha-Fe and Fe2B and to the formation of the ternary Sm1.1Fe4B4 phase. Fully crystallized ribbons with Sm contents lower than about 7 at.% show the co-existence between alpha-Fe and Fe2B soft magnetic phases and the Sm2Fe14B magnetic one. The enhancement of magnetic properties with increasing relative proportion of magnetic phase is discussed and correlated with exchange coupling and spin wave stiffness data obtained from the magnetic measurements.