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Monte Carlo simulation of magnetic properties in nanocrystalline-like systems

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Autori: Ovidiu Crisan, Labaye Y, Berger L, Greneche JM

Editorial: Institute of Physics Publishing, Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter, 15 (37), p.6331-6344, 2003.


Those nanocrystalline materials which consist of ferromagnetic nanograins embedded in a ferromagnetic matrix were modelled as a cubic lattice composed of a central sphere with strongly coupled spins surrounded by weakly coupled spins. The magnetic behaviour was studied by Monte Carlo simulation, especially the low temperature spin ordering and features exhibited in the temperature range between the Curie temperatures of the two phases. The magnetization and magnetic susceptibility are calculated as a function of temperature for different values of the interfacial exchange interactions. It is shown that the exchange coupling between matrix and nanograin influences the magnetic properties of the nanograin, the matrix and the interfacial regions differently. The magnetic behaviour of different regions has been explained in terms of a polarization mechanism acting on the surface and in the core, leading to magnetic correlation between the spins. Such features are quite consistent with the experimental results obtained on nanocrystalline alloys.