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3rd International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry

The conference will cover developments at the frontiers of green chemistry and sustainable technologies. It will focus on the design, development and implementation of chemical products and processes that reduce or preferably eliminate the use of hazardous substances and the generation of waste while maintaining economic viability. The conference will provide an international forum for scientists and policy makers from industry, academia and government organizations interested in green chemistry and sustainability.

Major Themes

Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis
Biocatalysis/industrial biotechnology
Multicatalytic cascade processes
Alternative solvents/non-conventional reaction media
Alternatives for toxic/hazardous reagents
Integration of conversion and separation steps/new reactor technologies
Renewable raw materials, biofuels and the biorefinery
Sustainable energy
Design of safer, environmentally friendly products
Life cycle assessment and sustainability
Metrics of green chemistry and sustainability
Industrial ecology