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4th Summer School on Actinide Science and Applications

Every two years the Institute of Transuranium Elements organises Summer Schools on Actinide Science at its laboratories in Karlsruhe. The 4th Summer School will be held from 12 to 15 June 2007. This school will be co-sponsored by the ACTINET Network of Excellence.
The Summer School on Actinide Science and Applications is suitable for students and young researchers who have an interest in basic actinide chemistry, physics and material science. The sixteen lectures, featuring experts from international organisations and ITU, will address the following four topics:

• Basic Actinide Science
• The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
• Reactor Fuel under Irradiation
• Aspects of Actinides in the Environment

The school will give participants a glance at the intriguing science of the 5f elements and their application in modern society.

The lectures will be given during the morning sessions, the afternoons will be devoted to visits of the laboratories of ITU (controlled area) and the neighbouring German research centre FZK. Three laboratory demonstrations will be offered to participants.