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Influence of Plasma Treatments on the Hemocompatibility of PET and PET + TiO2 Films

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Autori: Ionut Topala, Nicoleta Dumitrascu, Valentin Pohoata

Editorial: Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 27(1), p.95-112, 2007.


A dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in helium was used to ameliorate the interface between the blood and the surface of polymeric implants: polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and PET with titanium oxide (PET + TiO2).
A higher crystallinity degree was found for the DBD treated samples. The wettability of polymers was improved after the treatment. The chemical composition, analyzed by infrared spectroscopy was preserved during the DBD treatment. The surface modifications have been correlated with polymers hemocompatibility. Concerning the polymer surface–blood interaction, the treatment induced a decrease of the interfacial tension between the blood components and the treated surfaces. The in vitro tests of hemocompatibility showed no perturbation in the blood composition when the polymer samples are present in the blood volume. An interesting result is related to the whole blood clotting time that shows a dramatic increase on the treated surfaces. Moreover, the coagulation kinetics on the treated surfaces is modified.

Cuvinte cheie: Blood-material interface - Dielectric barrier discharge - Hemocompatibility - Polymers - Surface modification