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Call for courses Scoala Normala Superioara Bucuresti

Şcoala Normală Superioară Bucureşti (SNSB) – Department of Mathematics – has opened the call for courses for the academic year 2007-2008

· Each course will consists of 26h lecture + 13h problem-solving sessions, in 13 weeks. The Master courses may be concentrated in 24h over at least 3-4 weeks.
· The courses needed are
– 1 introductory course in algebra-geometry-topology and 1 introductory course in analysis, for Mathematics students in their 1st and second year.
– courses accessible to students from the 3rd and 4th year.
– Master courses.
· To eliminate redundancy, courses offered in 2007-2008 at the University of Bucharest will not be accepted.
· The purpose of the first two types of courses is to consolidate basic mathematical notions and to present classical theorems. By no means should they aim to present recent research results. The Master Courses will have a slight opening towards research. The level of the courses must be adapted in real time to the actual understanding level of the SNSB students (not that of senior audience members).
· The problem solving sessions may not be substituted by lectures. The lecturer may nominate an assitent for these sessions.

Financial conditions
· SNSB and the IMAR will provide room and board in Bucharest and a complementary allowance.
· For lecturers from abroad we will cover international transportation costs.

How to propose a course
· By e-mail to the address until March 31, 2007.
· The proposal will contain:
o The title of the course (in English).
o The abstract and the course outline (5-30 lines, in English).
o The list of the best 5 publications of the proposer (not necessarily connected to the proposed course)

Selection of the courses
· The courses will be selected by the SNSB Scientific Committee.
· The selected courses will be communicated before May 31, 2007.

For questions please write to