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Acquisition of Romanian Pronominal Clitics

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Autori: Maria Babyonyshev, Stefania Marin

Editorial: Anna Gavarró and Conxita Lleó, Catalan Journal of Linguistics, 5, p.17-44, 2006.


This paper uses new evidence from elicited production experiments to establish that Romanian children
do not omit either direct or indirect object clitics at a significant rate. The results reported for
the acquisition of indirect object clitics are particularly significant in that, for the first time, it is
possible to demonstrate the similarity between the acquisition of direct and indirect object clitics
in Romanian and, arguably, for other languages that pattern with Romanian in the relevant
respects. Furthermore, our findings receive a natural explanation if it is assumed that two conditions
must be met for children to produce clitics. First, children’s grammars must not be constrained
by any relevant grammatical constraints, such as the Unique Checking Constraint (Wexler
1998, 2003). Second, children must be able to produce utterances of the length required by the clitic

Cuvinte cheie: clitici pronominali, romana, limbi romanice // first language acquisition, Romance languages, Romanian, accusative and dative clitics