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Spatiu public versus Spatiu Privat

1st Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere: Public Space vs Private Space

The Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere is organized by a team of professors and Postdoc researchers and hosted by the “Dunarea de Jos” University, Galati, Romania, in the framework of the DISCORPS CEEX Project, Discourse and Communication in the Romanian Public Space. The theme of this first conference is Public Space versus Private Space. The purpose of the conference is to provide background for productive discussion and peer evaluation for Humanities and Social Sciences colleagues who are interested in presenting their work to an audience and meeting people from related fields.

Topic Areas:

– public and private
– argumentation in institutional contexts
– communication and argumentation on cultural issues
– the transnational public sphere
– values in the public sphere
– cooperation and conflict in the public sphere
– the public sphere and argumentative practice
– persuasion strategies in citizen representation
– conversational approaches
– approaches to scientific and specialized discourse
– political dialogue and polemic
– public opinion
– role of the contemporary citizen
– civic engagement
– legitimacy
– media strategies
– religion in the public sphere
– the Internet and the public sphere