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New Polymeric Structures Designed for the Removal of Cu(II) ions from Aqueous Solutions

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Mihaela Mocioi, Ana Maria Albu, Carmencita Mateescu, Georgeta Voicu,Edina Rusen, Bogdan Marculescu, Luana Mutihac

Editorial: Journal of Applied Polymer Science,, 103, p.1397–, 2007.


New polymeric structures obtained by chemical
transformations of maleic anhydride/dicyclopentadiene
copolymer with triethylenetetraamine, p-aminobenzoic acid,
and p-aminophenylacetic acid were used for the removal
Cu(II) ions from aqueous solutions. The experimental values
prove the importance of the chelator nature and of the macromolecular
chain geometry for the retention efficiency. The
retention efficiency (Zr), the retention capacity (Qe), and the
distribution coefficient of the metal ion into the polymer matrix
(Kd) are realized by evaluation of residual Cu(II) ions in
the effluent waters, by atomic adsorption. Also are discussed
the influence of pH, the thermal stability of the polymer, and
their polymer–metal complex, as well as the particular
aspects regarding the contact procedure and the batch time.
Based on the polymers and polymer–metal complexes characterization
a potential retention mechanism is proposed.
All polymer supports as well theirs metal–complexes are
characterized by ATD and FTIR measurements.

Cuvinte cheie: polymer–metal-ion complexes; waste waters;