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Religion on Borders

Borders and boundary conceptions are important themes in the academic study of religion. As scholars of religion we have always been challenged by the religious significance of borders. This is true no matter whether we study ritual, linguistic, social, gendered, economic, or political aspects of religion. Furthermore, the crossing of borders is a recurrent theme in our time. A seemingly boundless world is taking shape. Formerly fixed borders between ethnic groups, classes and sexes are dissolving. At the same time, new borders are drawn up. New political agendas with universal claims are outlined while the gap between rich and poor grows. Religion plays a crucial part in these processes. It creates and maintains borders. Religious attributes, symbols, ways of life, and teachings contribute to the consolidation of current divisions of power and the separation between communities. At the same time, however, religion is often held to go beyond borders.

We are pleased to invite scholars of different disciplines to take part in this conference, by which we hope to stimulate the theoretical, methodological and empirical progress within our field. Religion on the Borders is organized in collaboration with SSRF (Swedish Society for the Study of History of Religions) and IAHR (International Association for the History of Religions).