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European Society for Isotope Research (ESIR) Workshop, Cluj-Napoca, June 23-28 2007

The National Institute for Research & Development of Isotopic & Molecular Technologies (INCDTIM) is organizing in Cluj-Napoca the Ninth ESIR Workshop.


The Workshop will focus on facilitating contacts and fostering co-operation and networking among scientists from Central and Eastern European countries and their Western colleagues. The topics of the meeting will cover all major fields of application of isotopes. Talks by invited speakers, presenting the state-of-the-art in selected areas of isotope research are envisaged. Manufacturers of isotope equipment will be given opportunity to present their latest developments.
Workshop topics

Application of stable and radioactive isotopes and isotopicaly labelled compounds in:

* geology
* atmospheric studies
* geochemistry
* biochemistry
* medecine
* hydrology
* ecology
* environment studies
* material science
* paleoclimatology
* archaeology

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