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Analogy between Lorenz-Robbins system and laser equations

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Autori: S. Codreanu, A. Marcu

Editorial: Optoelectronics and Advenced Materials (RC), 1, No. 5, p.207-210, 2007.


An analogy between Lorenz-Robbins system for a convective fluid flow and Haken equations for a single mode laser is presented. The system called Lorenz-Robbins-Haken (LRH) is both analytical and numerical investigated. As the control parameter, which is proportional with the pump power, is varied, a rich behaviour of the system is observed, including the chaotic one. This behaviour corresponds to the experimental observations.

Cuvinte cheie: ecuatii laser, dinamici haotice, sistem Lorenz-Robbins // Laser equations, Chaotic dynamics, Lorenz-Robbins system