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Negative energy waves in a periodic magnetic steady state medium

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Autori: A. Marcu

Editorial: AIP Conference Proceedings -FIFTY YEARS OF ROMANIAN ASTROPHYSICS, 895,, p.135-140, 2007.


Recent high-resolution ground and space based telescopes have
revealed that many solar features have substructures displaying a
periodic or quasi-periodic pattern in transversal direction. In
the present contribution we study the appearance of negative
energy waves in a spatially periodic structure modelling the
plume/interplume region above coronal holes. Negative energy waves
(or instabilities) come into effect after a certain threshold for
flow speed is reached. We also show that the periodicity of the
structure has an important influence on the conditions required
for negative energy waves.

Cuvinte cheie: MHD, unde, pene coronale, instabilitati // MHD, waves, coronal plumes, instability