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A dynamic approach to the co-construction of autobiographical memory: Insights from dyadic conversations about the past.

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Autori: Petra, L., Benga, O. & Tincas, I.

Editorial: Bruno G. Bara, Lawrence Barsalou, & Monica Bucciarelli (Eds), Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., New Jersey, Proceedings of the CogSci 2005, XXVII Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, p.1732-1738, 2005.


Autobiographical memory can be conceived of as the
personalized verbal narrative and imagistic structure that
conveys a coherent personal history and contributes to the
definition of the self. The purpose of the study is to apply a
novel approach – inspired from the dynamic systems
methodology – to the investigation of early autobiographical
memory development. Ten mother-child dyads’ conversations
about unique past events were recorded longitudinally at three
successive time points; the children’s mean age was 35, 41 and
47 months, respectively. The conversational style of the dyad
was explored using state space grids (Lewis, Lamey, and
Douglas, 1999), a dynamic systems method which allows the
plotting of the dyadic interaction as it proceeds in real time.
Results are discussed in a framework that emphasizes the
dynamic, co- and re-constructive nature of the autobiographical
discourse and its role in the shaping of future autobiographical
memory skills.

Cuvinte cheie: memorie autobiograficp, sisteme dinamice, interactiune sociala // autobiographical memory, dynamic systems, social interaction