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Experimental research of Am-241 migration from L/ILW in soils – transport parameters

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Autori: Carmen Arsene, Dumitru Negoiu

Editorial: Baza date ASME, Proceedings of ICEM ’03, p.3, 2003.


A programme on the safety analysis linked to the geological disposal of radioactive wastes is under study at the Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti. In relation to the migration of radionuclides in the terrestrial environment following a possible release from the repository, specific experimental studies have been developed in order to provide the necessary input data for the risk assessment models.

The paper reports the results of studies performed with 241Am. Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the transport parameters of 241Am in the geological formations of Saligny site – the potential near-surface repository for low and intermediate radioactive wastes in Romania.

Cuvinte cheie: radionuclizi, migrare, Am-241, depozitare geologica // radionuclide, migration, Am-241, geological disposal