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Recommendations of an EU report on science education

Recommendation 1:
Because Europe’s future is at stake decision-makers must demand action on improving science
education from the bodies responsible for implementing change at local, regional, national and
European Union level.

Recommendation 2:
Improvements in science education should be brought about through new forms of pedagogy:
the introduction of inquiry-based approaches in schools, actions for teachers training to IBSE,
and the development of teachers’ networks should be actively promoted and supported.

Recommendation 3:
Specific attention should be given to raising the participation of girls in key school science subjects
and to increasing their self-confidence in science.

Recommendation 4:
Measures should be introduced to promote the participation of cities and the local community
in the renewal of science education in collaborative actions at the European level aimed at accelerating
the pace of change through the sharing of know-how.

Recommendation 5:
The articulation between national activities and those funded at the European level must be improved
and the opportunities for enhanced support through the instruments of the Framework
Programme and the programmes in the area of education and culture to initiatives such as Pollen and Sinus-Transfer should be created. The necessary level of support offered under the Science
in Society (SIS) part of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
is estimated to be around 60 million euros over the next 6 years.

Recommendation 6:
A European Science Education Advisory Board involving representatives of all stakeholders,
should be established and supported by the European Commission within the Science in Society