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Autori: A.A. MINEA

Editorial: Dresda, 38 Kraftwerkstechnisches Kolloquium 2006, 24-25 oct, p.44-49, 2006.


The paper presents a study concerning the ecological impact of fuels burning process in industrial furnaces. Also, in this paper are presented the problems that appear in using fuel as a source of heat. The ecological impact of burning fuels is referring at the noxes that appear, in special at the SO and NO groups. In the paper is presented a model of modern burners that is used in a modern european industry.
The paper presents a method for controlling and improving combustion processes and reducing air pollution by using a system of catalyzing chemical reactions and a modern equipment.
Some of the important changes require a redesigned furnace in order to respect the ozone layer. Therefore, I propose this method for improving and securing the combustion processes in industrial furnaces.
Modern heat treatment equipment must be designed in order to respect the ecological principles. Respecting the ecological principles methods requires the modification of the process and the conversion of the existing furnaces.
In this context, respecting the ecological principles is an important contribution in the European industry field. So, it can obtain advantages like:
– reduced noxes by optimization the furnace accessories;
– low cost for the heat treated parts, by anticipation of energy requirements;
– reduced number of persons involved in heating technology designing;
As a conclusion, the paper presents a method to ecologies the metallurgical environment and to secure combustion processes.

Cuvinte cheie: combustie, incalzire, arzatoare // combustion, heating, burner