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The Dynamic Simulation of a Crude Oil Distillation Plant. Part2: Setting up and Testing the Simulator

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Autori: Radulescu, G., Paraschiv, N., Kienle, A.

Editorial: Revista de Chimie, Vol. 58, Nr. 3/2007, p.349-354, 2007.


The dynamic simulation of a crude oil unit is useful in understanding the unusual behavior of such a complex plant, which is induced by the dynamics of individual sub-processes in combination with the complex plant topology. Also, it serves to investigate suitable strategies for process control, including closed-loop operation at the nominal operating point, load and specification changes, as well as startup procedures.
The model presented in the first part of the study becomes now the simulator kernel – of course, with additional elements in order to respect the physical reality of the crude oil distillation unit, by using the powerful and versatile DIVA software environment. Both plant „open-loop” and „closed loop” simulation results are presented, proving good performances as fast simulation and accurate results.

Cuvinte cheie: distilare atmosferica, regim dinamic, reglarea calitatii produselor // crude oil plant, dynamic behavior, product quality control