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Statistical Indicators System regarding Religious Phenomena

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Autori: Herteliu, C

Editorial: Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, 16, p.111-127, 2007.


The approaching ways in religious phenomenon quantitative studies are, most of the times, based only on the evolution of adherents flows and population structure from religious affiliation point of view. In this paper an integrated statistical indicators system will be designed. The main purpose of the system is to enhance the quality and coherence of religious phenomenon study. The most important indicators categories from the integrated system will be: context indicators (political, economical, socio-cultural, demographical); basic indicators; level and structure indicators; participation indicators; resource indicators (spiritual, human and pecuniary), quality, efficiency and outcomes (religious freedom, social connections, international relationship). Designing a complete, coherent indicators system is necessary for a correct approach in religious phenomenon study. Statistical indicators can supply quantitative data for operational description of religious phenomenon. The indicators system makes possible not only a descriptive analysis but also some advanced statistical techniques (e.g. regression and correlation method).

Cuvinte cheie: indicators system, statistical indicators, quantitative, indicators, religion