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Analysis of the Guide Vane Regulating Apparatus for Bulb-Type Units

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Autori: Bãrglãzan M., Bordeaşu I., Popoviciu, M.O.

Editorial: Machine Design, Monograpf University of Novi Sad, p.191-196, 2007.


The analysis has as purpose to notice the elements that can produce incidents during the running of the regulating apparatus of bulb turbines. The analyzed regulating device has a robust construction. Although, a critical element is the connecting rod which can produce two types of incidents: a) the detachment from the joining bolt of the regulating ring and b) the uncontrolled modification of the length during the running. The kinematical analysis of the guide vane regulating apparatus shows that the connecting rod fulfills a three-dimensional movement of great amplitude. If the Grower washers suffer cracks the three screws, which connects the metallic sphere with the bolt of the regulating ring, are unscrewed. This fault can lead, in certain cases, to important damages of the regulating apparatus parts. There were made recommendations regarding the reliability increase of the system

Cuvinte cheie: turbina bulb, aparat director conic, siguranţã, analizã cinematicã // bulb-type units, conical guide vane regulating apparatus, reliability, kinematical analysis