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Considerations regarding pollution with noise and vibration due to industrial sources

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Autori: Gillich GR, Berinde FC, Potoceanu N, Gruescu CM, Samoilescu G, Chioncel CP

Editorial: 10th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2007), 2, 2007.


The SMONTREVIZ project aims to develop a monitoring system, methodologies and tools to gain information regarding the level of noise and vibrations produced by industrial sources, by low costs. The system provides the measured data to companies, local authorities and to the civil society, offering them information which can be used to take measures for mitigation of the pollution factors on one side, or to compare the registered levels with them foreseen in the national or European regulations on the other side.
Communities can be affected by noise and vibrations which stress people and the build environment. The effects are especially unpleasant if buildings belonging to the cultural heritage or laboratories and operation rooms foreseen with high-tech equipment are exposed to this kind of pollution agents. Knowing the level of noise and vibration and the sources which produce them helps stakeholders to take measures to mitigate their level and effects.
The present work make a short comparison between conventional monitoring systems and the system developed in frame of the SMONTREVIZ project, providing also information about the methodology used in data acquisition and processing. Examples of measurements obtained during experimental works and theoretical results are also presented and compared, aiming to prove the reliability of the methodology. The mathematical tools used in signal processing are new classes of time-frequency representations. It is presented the most fundamental of these representation methods – the Wigner-Ville Distribution family. These tools permit both time and frequency localization, which has the advantages that the sources can be identified by the frequency localization while the events in sources functioning can be deduced by time localization. The behavior of a forge hammer is analyzed, where the precise time and frequency localizations are underlined.
The system developed in the frame of the SMONTREVIZ project can be used with good results in monitoring of noise and vibrations produced by industrial sources, but it can be involved in field of damage prevention and danger detection too.

Cuvinte cheie: zgomot, vibratie, poluare, surse industriale, reprezentari timp-frecventa, senzori wireless, sistem de monitorizare // noise, vibration, pollution, industrial sources, time-frequency representation, wireless sensors, monitoring system