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Some aspects concerning the evaluation of the pollution degree and the risk elements into section for warm processes

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Autori: Potoceanu N, Comsa AM, Gillich N, Gillich GR, Ianici S

Editorial: 10th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2007), 1, 2007.


The different technologies, the multitude of used materials, the different pieces sizes, their complexity, the thermal effect of the processes, the noxes emitted, the energy absorbent character of the process in general etc., all these have an influence upon the work conditions in warm processes, that is why establishing a general graphic of the applicable risks for all foundries would be impossible.
Each sector of activity in a warm process has besides productive results as cast moulding pieces a certain pollutants quantity. The biologists and the ecologists prove the poisoning effect of the pollutant in trophic chains, the risks of its accumulation and prove that biosphere is jeopardized also by warm process’ waste.
The University “Eftimie Murgu” and ACTIVITY Foundation, together with public authorities and specialised institutions have worked out the “Local Environmental Plan “. The Local Environmental Plan had the aim to develop complex instruments and tools dedicated to this scope, in order to provide interested entities such as companies, public authorities and NGOs involved in environmental issues significant instruments and methods for investigation and dissemination
They’re to believe that certain pollution can be reduced or repaired. Therefore it’s necessary to analyze the pollution of any origin, both industrial and human. The authors have due concrete objectives: establishing the fields and the effects of pollution for the different existing technologies and analyzing some aspects to the pollution. Making a case study for the forge section, the authors presented the technological high tide, the polluting equipment, the quantity for the effluents, hygiene and toxicity, establishing concrete methodologies for reduced the pollution

Cuvinte cheie: pollution control, industrial sources, monitoring system, warm process