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Discriminating bacterial from electrochemical corrosion using Fe isotopes

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Autori: Elena Hutchens, Ben J. Williamson, Mahesh Anand, Mary, P. Ryan, Richard J. Herrington

Editorial: Corrosion Science, 49, p.3759–3764, 2007.


Metal corrosion is microbially induced (MIC) and/or electrochemical (ECC) in origin. Here we provide a novel approach to distinguish MIC from ECC, using iron isotope fingerprinting technique. In laboratory experiments, MIC products of Fe in the presence of a pure strain of Thiomonas sp. WJ68 exhibit a major shift in Fe isotope ratios (delta56/54Fe and delta57/54Fe, by 1.26 and 1.95 per mil, respectively) compared to ECC products formed under identical but sterile conditions. The methodology has applications in a broad range of industrial environments, particularly in the petrochemicals sector.

Cuvinte cheie: Iron stable isotopes, microbial induced corrosion