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Semiconducting polymers based on tetraizoindole

Domenii publicaţii > Chimie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: C. Boscornea, St. Tomas, L. G. Hinescu and C. Tarabasanu-Mihaila

Editorial: Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 119, Issues 1-3,, p.344-347, 2001.


The growing interest in the production of electronic devices are able to detect very small amounts of cellular second-messengers as NO or for monitoring gases as NO2, O2, CO2, Cl2 or other toxic gases. The metal-complex tetraizoindoles (metal phthalocyanines, MePcs) were previously shown as potential sensor materials for nitrogen oxide-sensing devices. The synthesis of nickel phthalocyanines (NiPcs), copper polyphthalocyanines (CuPcs) and aliphatic amines-condensed CuPc derivatives are described.

Three new aliphatic amine-condensed CuPc derivatives as n-type organic semiconductors were obtained using an original technique conventionally used for aromatic derivatives synthesis. NiPc and aliphatic amine-substituted CuPc derivatives were deposited onto glass substrates by a high-vacuum thermal evaporation technique. Microscopic studies (interference) show that thin films of vapor-deposited MePcs had a thickness of 89-220 nm. The optical properties of MePc thin films have been examined by UV-Vis and IR spectrometry and the effect of NOx upon optical properties is in course. The sensor could be prepared by deposition of MePc thin films on a substrate with IPID (in-plane interdigitated) electrodes for the detection of NO2. The final goal of this paper was to extend both the knowledge on the synthesis of organic metal-complex tetraizoindoles and their potential use as semiconductors in NOx sensing devices.

Cuvinte cheie: poliftalocianine, senzori de gaze // Polyphthalocyanines; Gas sensors