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On-ship drilling cores dedicated dual energy X-ray tomography/radioscopy equipment

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Autori: M. Iovea, M. Neagu, O. Duliu, G. Oaie, G. Mateiasi

Editorial: Symposium on Digital Industrial Radiology and Computed Tomography (DIR 2007) held in June 2007 in Lyon France, 2007.


An X-ray dual-energy computer tomograph provided with a double set of X-ray detectors arrays separated by a copper foil was projected, assembled and commissioned to be used on-board of the R/V Mare Nigrum. By using a variant of filtered back projections reconstruction algorithm together with a set of calibrated standard samples, it was possible do determine on-board and with a precision of 3.5 % the density and 2.5 % the effective atomic number distribution of various consolidated sediments core. The same computer tomograph was used to obtain free of parallax dual energy digital radiography, allowing a spatial resolution of about 0.5 mm

Cuvinte cheie: Dual-energy computed tomography, dual-energy digital radiography, unconsolidated