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Electromagnetic Forces in Transverse Flux Induction Heating

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Autori: Virgiliu Fireteanu, Tiberiu Tudorache

Editorial: IEEE Transactions on Magnetic Editors, IEEE Transactions on Magnetic, Transactions on Magnetics, Volume 36, Issue 4, p.1792-1795, 2000.


This paper deals with the numerical modeling of the electromagnetic field in transverse flux induction heating devices and with features of forces due to non-symmetrical position of the sheet to be heated within the inductor air-gap. The results of four field computation models are compared.
Three computation methods of the electromagnetic force acting on non-magnetic and magnetic sheets are used. The influence of the horizontal and vertical sheet positions in the inductor air-gap is analyzed. A particular variation of the electromagnetic force with the field frequency is emphasized for magnetic sheets.

Cuvinte cheie: incalzire prin inductie, forte electromagnetice, element finit // induction heating, electromagnetic forces, finite element