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Subpicosecond Magnetization Reversal Across Ferrimagnetic Compensation Points

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Autori: C. D. Stanciu, A. Tsukamoto, A. V. Kimel, F. Hansteen, A. Kirilyuk, A. Itoh, and Th. Rasing

Editorial: Physical Review Letters, 99, p.217204, 2007.


Subpicosecond magnetization reversal is experimentally demonstrated by ultrafast heating of a ferrimagnet across its compensation points, under an applied magnetic field. While the reversal is initiated by crossing the magnetization compensation temperature, the short reversal time is related to the angular momentum compensation, where the dynamics of the system is highly accelerated owing to the divergence of the gyromagnetic ratio. These results demonstrate the feasibility of subpicosecond magnetization reversal previously believed impossible.

Cuvinte cheie: magnetization reversal, femtosecond magnetization dynamics