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Quantized electron transfer through random multiple tunnel junctions in phosphorus-doped silicon nanowires

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Autori: *D. Moraru, Y. Ono, H. Inokawa, and M. Tabe

Editorial: Physical Review B, 76, p.075332, 2007.


We have demonstrated numerically and experimentally that quantized electron transfer can be achieved in single-gated random multiple tunnel junctions. Extensive Monte Carlo simulations based on Coulomb blockade orthodox theory show that nonhomogeneous distributions of capacitances energetically favor one-by-one electron shuttling between the electrodes during each cycle of a gate voltage. This numerical prediction is supported by our experimental results on Si nanowire field-effect transistors with the channel moderately doped with phosphorus. Ionized dopants within the device channel locally modulate the potential, creating a naturally random one-dimensional multiple-tunnel-junction array. Under ac-gate operation, small current plateaus or inflections aligned at ±nef appear in the Id-Vd characteristics, suggesting that quantized electron transfer is achievable in such naturally disordered systems.
(selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, vol. 16, issue 10, 2007)

Cuvinte cheie: Coulomb blockade; electron transport theory; elemental semiconductors; field effect transistors; Monte Carlo methods; nanowires; phosphorus; silicon; tunnel transistors; single-electron transfer